About the Meadow

Sepia photo of children at brook

Certain Punishment

A true story relating to the village school and the Meadow, written by John Booth and originally published in the Local History Society's newsletter.

Location Map

How to Find Us

Photo of 'Sailors' taken in 1977.

Sailors at Fairham Brook

An article originally published in Keyworth News about the names of the pools and meanders of the brook in the vicinity of the Meadow that were handed down by word of mouth from generation to generation of the children who played there.

Photo of Cowslips

God's Country

A beautifully provocative essay written by Jackie Griffiths sent to me in 2007, describing a visit to the Meadow by a friend and her children who live in the city. This was the first time they had seen farm animals other than in books.

Plan of Meadow

Plan of the Meadow

Aerial photo of the meadow.

Meadow Leaflet

JPG and pdf of the leaflet.

Photo of work party in action


How the Meadow is managed, what work has been done recently and an appeal for wardens to contribute to the management of the nature reserve.

Image of Fairham Brook

The Diminution of Fairham Brook

A highly informative video produced by an artist-in-residence at the British Geological Survey featuring Dr Nicholas Riley (and Charlie the dog) where Dr Riley describes some aspects of the geology of the Meadow and explains why there is less flow in the brook nowadays.

Photo of Ken Jackson.


Digitised photos of a selection of images taken during Ken Jackson's tenure as manager.