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Rushcliffe Wildlife website logo Rushcliffe Wildlife: Contains local information on many aspects of flora and fauna.

RUBOP logo Barn Owl Blog Rushcliffe Barn Owl Project: The local charity that has done wonders for our Barn Owl population. If you see a Barn Owl, you probably owe it to RUBOP. Follow the link on the right to see Howard's blog on the activities, successes and disappointments.

Clifton Grove Birds logo Clifton Grove Birds: A well maintained site covering a local patch.

Notts Birders logo Nottinghamshire Birdwatchers: Lots of information from the county's bird recording society including recent reports from around the county.

Wildlife Trust Notts logo The Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust's South Notts Group: Wildlife information and news of forthcoming events, talks and outdoor meetings.

Wildlife Trackers logo Wildlife Trackers: Educational fun for all. Make good use of the meadow with this new resource for parents and schools and especially the kids.

The harvest Mouse website logo The Harvest Mouse: Contains a wealth of information on this enigmatic species, with quite a bit of local information.